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Jump Start the Season

Posted by Emily Tella on

As the days are getting a little longer, we’re starting to think about training for the new season! While there’s still snow on the ground now is the perfect time to try out some new activities (and new outfits!) that could really benefit your golf game. Here are some ideas:

Cycling - Maintaining cardiovascular exercise in your routine will benefit your level of endurance in those long hours on the course coming up this spring. This doesn’t mean you need to become an all-star in your spin class, but hop on a bike and take a slow cruise for an hour or so. Your breathing shouldn’t be too difficult, just allowing you to practice the moderate pace that you’ll need to make it to the 18th hole.

Yoga - Yoga increases your muscle flexibility in your arms, back and sides putting you in ideal shape for a perfect drive. Try to hold each pose for as long as you can, keeping in mind that the skills you’re acquiring in your balance can help you later when rough weather conditions may be affecting your game.

Strength Training - Incorporating light weights into your aerobic routine can really help you pack some power behind your swing. Try starting out with a light medicine ball and hold onto it while doing some slow rotated lunges. This will help to tone and build the muscles you’ll be rotating in your drive.

The best way to build confidence in any new activity is to look great while doing it! The perfect outfit from the Jump Start collection for any activity is the classic Smooth Fit Capri pant paired with the versatile Transition Jacket (pictured above). Each piece is enhanced with UPF 30 to keep away the sun’s harmful rays so you’re dressed for success no matter what you decide to try that day!

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